Anna Dello Russo Shop

Who said denim was basic? We have teamed up with Anna Dello Russo, fashion editor and style icon, for an exclusive collaboration to create a shop that blends unexpected everyday luxury and casual elegance at its core. With effortless touches and major opulent accents, each piece will bring a high-end styling moment to your wardrobe. This limited-edition denim collection of mini dresses, slouchy shorts, jeans, cropped tops, cropped jackets, and more, features high-octane glamourous styles that are embellished with Swarovski crystals, strategically placed cutouts, and a Y2K allure for the ultimate haute couture take to denim. Whether you are amping up your work day outfit or you are going for a night on the town with these luxe-stretch denim styles, this is a collection that is sure to bring all the sparkle, classic denim flare, and opulent allure that is an ode to the past and modern designs of the future.