What are Tapered Leg Jeans?

Unlike straight styles of jeans that maintain the same shape all the way down the leg, jeans with a tapered leg gradually narrow from the knee to the ankle. With a slim yet comfortable fit, the downsized leg opening gives men's tapered pants a clean, refined look.

Men's Tapered Jeans Styles

Today, every guy needs a pair of tapered pants, so we've incorporated this style into a range of jeans styles featuring multiple washes. With a tailor-inspired cut and a modern look, our men's slim tapered jeans are made with just the right amount of stretchable fabric to ensure all-day comfort. They provide a slim fit throughout while still allowing room for you to move.

Our tapered pants are a go-to look for any occasion and pair well with virtually any staple, like long-sleeve sweaters, basic tees, and button-downs. Explore all our designer men's jeans options today, including our popular Sliim and Straight fits.